Gigs & Dates: Double German Weekender!

This weekend Prolix & me will rock Germany on a double Weekender:

First stop today in Munich with Deep Contact @ Backstage:



An on Saturday we will hit Dresden for Double Penetration #3, Kingbeatz @ Puschkin:



Fasten your seat belts, its gonna be madness!

Lyrics Spotlight : Prolix Feat MC Coppa – “Interlace” (Playaz Rec)

Been a minute since i dropped a lyric spotlight, but here goes for all those who were asking this one:

” The underground inception will never die,

recognise, heat make the water rise

crave bass from bass crates, an dubplates

vacate the mind space and stay straight

night breed with the need of survival,

ever since the record needle touch the vinyl

the cycle, dnb disciples

its non fictional its in the bassline bible


Sonic boom sound waves, waves integrate

language of rhythm, its late translate

statements, its way to relate,

heavyweight bass when we step to the plate,

drum and bass underground, way of the great,

back to the roots, comprehend no debate

explain, simple in the form of a tape,

pressing down record while the tunes interlace  ”

(c) Lyrics M.Hay


Gigs & Dates: Drumstation & QBreak!

Lets start the Prolix & Coppa “On like that” EP Release Tour with a double weekender session:

On Friday you will meet us in the legendary Cross Club in Prague @Drumstation:







And on Saturday we will burn the floors of Waagenbau in Hamburg @QBreak:





Get ready for some Prolix & Coppa action!

Music: Prolix feat MC COPPA “On Like That” EP

Boom! Our EP on Playaz Recordings is kicking off at the moment:

PROLIX Feat MC COPPA EP is Number 1 on the Drum and bass Arena Album Charts right now:





And “Shut the place down” jumped up to Number 3 in the Dubstep Charts:

For everyone who didnt have a listen yet, here are some soundclips and reviews:

“Record of the week” Review:

Big shoutz again to all the people who are supporting us!

Releases: Out now Prolix Feat MC Coppa “On Like That” EP!

Prolix Feat MC Coppa “On Like That” EP out now on Playaz Recordings!

FREE bonus track ‘Stealth Mode’ available exclusively from Drum&Bass Arena:

Bookings for Prolix & Coppa EP Release Tour:

Music: “Lifestyles of a Billionaire” on ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS – EE Comp




Confirmed, Coppa feat Machine Code (Dean Rodell & Current Value) “Lifestyles of a Billionaire” track will be included on this very special compilation. Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations radio show will drop its first compilation on July 1st.

Now numbering over 200 episodes and running for almost five years (since November 2007), Booth’s weekly online radio show reaches up to 80,000 listeners every time, and has featured exclusive mixes from both living legends and breaking newcomers.

In July, Booth will release his first EE-related release, a 58-track compilation to be released digitally (first via Bandcamp, then other retailers), featuring unreleased and exclusive tracks from artists who have previously appeared on the show. Much like the radio show, the compilation focuses on a mixture of IDM-leaning artists, dubstep and bass music and harder flavours of techno.

Get ready for something big!