R.E.N. : my-wasteof-Space?

What has happened to you dear MySpace? Once upon the time, you were the most popular social network platform the home of millions & millions of “friends” (mine included!). But you have become lonelier, while your biggest social enemy Facebook announced in July 2010 that it had 500 million users around the world and i can hardly find 1 of my friends still using you. But what is your problem my once dear friend?

I joined MySpace about 3 years ago. In these times it was “the place to be” to connect & share with my friends, my favourite bands & music projects. But after a while I got more and more spam messages, weirdo friend requests and daily invites to strange events on the other side of the planet! (like I would just hop in my private jet and fly to Sydney for a local underground death metal gig in a bar).  MySpace became the perfect platform for wanna-be gangsters, ‘models’ and ‘singers’ and (unfortunately) they all wanted to share their great “talent” with the world and so with me, whether I liked it or not :(

And then into my life came Facebook: with its easy, user-friendly, an especially spam less alternative to MySpace. Soon and deservedly, MySpace lost the battle for users (and my heart). Facebook won the day and MySpace obviously needed a new strategy to survive and resurrect from its own spam infested hell….

Either you have been living in cave behind a very large mountain or by now you have probably recognised the new facelift of MySpace. The new design was apparently to support its new groundbreaking strategy. It’s no longer a social network, but calling itself now an entertainment-network, connecting you to your favourite TV shows, movies, music and celebrities.

Obviously this is not enough: It has turned to the company that pushed it off the throne for help to drive users to its ailing site.  MySpace just launched a Mashup with Facebook, to let MySpace users log into their Facebook accounts through their MySpace page. Interesting…..

Ok cool, I thought I should at least give it a chance so I went on my MySpace Account for the first time in months, to have a look….Great! It turned out, that it’s not just the new layout settings which has become completely unusable. No. It is now even more confusing to see through all the new (many ripped off from other social networks) features and connections. After 4.8 minutes I was completely lost, gave up and went home!

Well my dear MySpace, with all your ups and downs I think it needs a bit more than that to convince me, that you deserve a second try. Your traffic is consistently dipping and I wonder if your new strategy would be effective enough to save yourself from falling further & further into irrelevance (if that is actually possible), but I SERIOUSLY doubt it…..

Nevertheless check out http://www.myspace.com/coppakid of course in the new design ;)

See u,


Coppa Recommends: Afghan Headspin

Wanted to give a heads up and shout to one of my favourite producer sounds at the moment, that sound being Afghan Headspin… been in the game for more than a minute in the more tearout side of breaks scene – A must check out if you like it gritty, heavy, and down right wicked breakbeat music….

Website with Blog: http://afghanheadspin.com/
@ facebook: http://afghanheadspin.com/afghan-headspin-on-facebook/
@ soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/afghan-headspin

Got a joint coming with Afghan Headspin forthcoming….. “Going Down” Afghan Headspin feat MC Coppa….. watch this space for more details….

Some of Afghan numbers and remixes :

Afghan Headspin – Mañana – Valium by Afghan Headspin

Mindflow – Need To Be – Afghan Headspin RMX [TEASER] by Afghan Headspin

DaVIP – Take A Chance (Afghan Headspin Remix) [TEASER] by Afghan Headspin

Freerange DJ’s – Drop That Beat – Afghan Headspin RMX – APE [TEASER] by Afghan Headspin

Lyrics Spotlight : Rumours w/Shimon & Disaszt

As quite a few of u guys have asked over the internet for the lyrics of this song, here u go:


There are places the basics are stated ,
Those who made it clear,
Like Estate kids who made it
X rated Escapist,
Excuse be the baitest,
Excuse me young lady could you tell me the latest,
I´m slightly outdated,
I Thought that we were separated
So why she crying on my shoulder till it dislocated
i´m not a bad dude, don’t know why her sister hated
me for trying hard, hidden my sim card

Some like to drink, smoke, take drugs and exercise
She better recognize, there aint no more better guys
These pretenders, speaking letting letters fly
Its plain to see , They just aint me,
Every time they go a town dem a pressurize
Some fettuccini laced with a ghetto vibe
I don’t know why de girls dem a let it slide
Its plain to see , They just aint me,

She spread my name…
And they said to her
Ya boyfriend dutty and ya know you cant trust him
He dress immaculate, but he got no standards
She said my name…
And then they said to her

VIPER – DisasZt & Shimon feat..MC.Coppa – RUMOURS by MC Coppa


Livestage:                                                                                                                          NOSLIW/ HOMESICKASTRONAUTS/ PJAZUMANCHU/ ELIOJT QUENT and many more….

Clubfloor:  Live Jungle und DrumnBass

Mixes: Rodell vs Coppa Subtrakt Showcase



Rodell vs Coppa live mix & Subtrak showcase we done in January for the Combat Recordings Riddem & Bruise Show on SubFM

Some head to head action over some of the ruffest selection to date…. Bigups to all Subtrakt Crew and Subdivision family on this one—–

- Download from Sendspace also : http://www.sendspace.com/file/ff9nif

Dean Rodell vs Coppa Live Set Subtrakt Showcase by MC Coppa